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Not only are Community Eyecare the fastest growing community ophthalmology and optometry provider, Community Eyecare are also the largest provider of community ophthalmology services in the UK.

Having recently been commissioned to deliver all aspects of ophthalmology, we are a rapidly growing cataract provider through our dedicated cataract centres throughout the UK. A key part of delivery is to offer our joint patients the opportunity to be seen by the people they have seen and trusted, the referring optometrist. Literally thousands of optometry practices are engaged with the process and supporting delivery. No longer in areas we operate do patients wait 3-4 months before the first appointment, and optometrists never receive feedback from the referral being left in the dark.

Our feedback from optometrists is extremely positive. However, the benefit of engagement is that we can change aspects of delivery that optometrists feel can be improved.

As part of the shared Care Partner Programme, CCGs will stipulate the accreditation required to deliver consultation services. Please contact our expert team and they will talk you through the process.

Benefits of joining Community Eyecare:

  • Retain your own patients within your own practice.
  • Receive positive feedback from patients regarding the ‘extra’ services you deliver.
  • Increase revenue for care that you already provide.
  • Gain support from our ophthalmologists if there are problems you need to discuss.
  • Access our secure patient record system.
  • Ensure patients achieve the shortest waiting times, with most appointments at the point of contact.

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