Community Eyecare

Community Eyecare as an Employer

'As an employer'

Good relationships are built on trust, integrity and honesty, the values that underpin CHEC’s commitment to the delivery of patient focused services. We strongly believe in a strong and open relationship with our employees. As an employer CHEC offers a great place to work and an enthusiastic team to work within. Amongst the benefits of becoming a CHEC team member are:

Generous salary and promotion policy. As the fastest growing eyecare provider in the UK, CHEC are looking for talent with the potential for rapid career progression.

CHEC provide cross-functional experience by rotation within teams, maintaining interest in your daily work patterns. Our employees make an impact on patient care.

Generous and stable salary, bonuses and incentives for performing above and beyond to ensure patients experience mirrors what we would all wish to experience.

Corporate learning. CHEC promote learning and development.

Good work life balance. Work life balance is critical for our work partners to enjoy coming to work. CHEC offer flexibility in hours and work schedule to suit your needs.

A sense of purpose. The work our teams are valued, not only by CHEC but the 100’s and 1000’ of patients and relatives we treat daily. CHEC value the positive impact we have on society as a socially responsible company. Environmental sustainability is encouraged and better local services for patients, staff teams and the wider community.

Participating in CHEC’s culture of positive patient experience.

Real responsibilities. Our workforce are empowered to speak up, manage up and take lead on important tasks, under the guidance of the senior management teams.

Employee Relationships. Our employees are comfortable talking to the team leaders who invest time in professional and personal development.

Innovation. CHEC encourages competition, innovation and challenging norms to progress people and ideas. Our employees are the driving force for its success.