Community Eyecare

Charity update: Community Eyecare & AquAid build Water Pump in Manicaland, Zimbabwe

Last September, Community Eyecare spent some time working with AquAid Water Coolers on an initiative that involved building a water pump or “Elephant Pump” that would help to provide fresh, clean drinking water to communities across Africa.

Having a pump on site would reduce the need for households having to walk an average of 7 miles every day just to retrieve water. This job usually falls to women and children in the community, with water often being gathered from contaminated sources.

Yesterday, we received the news that our very own Community Eyecare Water Pump had been successfully built and installed by volunteers of The Africa Trust with assistance from local villagers in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, proudly displaying our company name alongside the message “Fill your cups with water and your heart with love”.

Our pump has been built using locally sourced, readily available materials to extend its lifespan and allow locals to easily make repairs to it, should they be needed. The pump also has the capability of producing up to 10,000 litres of potable water per day to upwards of 300 people within the community. Now, families in Manicaland will no longer have to travel 7 miles to collect water as they are now able to utilise the pump to collect clean drinking water or water for productive uses, such as cooking and washing, every single day.

Thank you AquAid for partnering with us on this, we are so proud to have had the opportunity to be involved with such a great cause.

One of the most effective ways to end the cycle of poverty is to empower a community to care for itself. Part of this sustainable development includes providing access to clean productive water and decent sanitation. Thanks to your support, we have helped the Africa Trust build more than 5,000 water pumps, also known as Elephant Pumps, in communities across Africa, bringing life-giving water to thousands of people every day .- AquaAid