Community Eyecare

Community Eyecare prepares for COVID-19 second wave

It has been 6 months already since COVID took hold in the UK.  Whilst we managed the initial uncertainty with a period of lockdown, case numbers are rising once again.  This will translate in the next few weeks to affect the elderly, with winter 2020 becoming one of the toughest in history for the health service and UK.

This round of infections has been driven by the young and fuelled by evening night life in the UK.

Hence, it will not be long before there is talk of a second lockdown, yet this may not be to the same calibre as last time.  Consequently, it is important to consider some aspects of your business to keep functional; this will undoubtedly cause complications, where staffing levels will be required to fluctuate at short notice.  Now that children have returned to school, it is likely that whole year groups will need to self-isolate, which will also cause their parents to take time off to look after them, whilst frontline workers may also be forced to self-isolate at short notice if they begin to display symptoms.

 Similarly, our actions outside of the workplace remain equally as important to prevent the spread of the virus, therefore we would still encourage you to listen to government advice to wear a face mask, sanitise your hands regularly and maintain 2m distance.

At Community Eyecare, whilst regularly adhering to all government guidelines, we have also made contingency plans internally to ensure that we can remain business as usual as best as possible by having the correct plans in place and utilising our own stock of testing kits that provide results within 20 minutes. Please do make sure you are all ready for the second wave. 

For further information on how to prepare against rising cases of coronavirus, please refer to the latest government guidelines at