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Eyelid Problems


Your eyelids are a sign of your beauty. The first part of your face people will focus on is your eyes and eyelids. Eyelids are essentially a thin fold of skin that covers and protects the eyeball, the structure that allows you to see.

The function of the eyelid is to protect the eyes from foreign objects and sunlight. They also spread the tears you produce over the surface of the eye to limit the risk of infection and scarring and maintain clarity of vision.

The eyelashes also have an important function. They are so sensitive, that they alert you to debris and foreign objects causing a reflex blink before they hit the eye.

Just like any other structure of the body, the eyelids can develop problems. The links below go through some of the common problems the eyelids may experience.


This group of eyelid conditions occurs when the eyelid is not in the correct position.

eyelid lumps and bumps leaflets

Lumps and bumps around the eyelids are incredibly common and rarely serious