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General Ophthalmology and Eye Conditions

Our team who supports our general ophthalmology or primary care eye services consult over 150,000 patients per year.

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The team or a diverse, cohesive group who strive to ensure every patient has an appointment through our choice of local locations, at a time that is convenient to you. We aim for as many one stop clinics as possible, so patients have the convenience of being seen as close to their doorstep as possible.

Locations Across the UK


We understand however, that eye conditions don’t often fit neatly into a defined service, so patients may suffer cataracts, glaucoma and AMD. Our general ophthalmologists therefore manage the general clinics providing specialist advice, assessment and treatments

Eyelid problems

Front of eye problems

Vision problems

Glaucoma and OHT

Urgent eye problems

08000 151 321 - Head Office

0330 100 4730 - Patient Administration Line

0330 100 4753 - Clinical Helpline

01772 795620 - Secure Fax / Safe Haven

[email protected] - Appointments & Information

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