Community Eyecare

Since 2012, Community Eyecare have worked in partnership with thousands of optometrists to deliver our shared care partnership model. We would all agree that the main stakeholders need engagement to enable the delivery of high standards of eye care, delivered by the right person at the right time.

As a specialist provider in Community Ophthalmology, our experience, resources and engagement is enabling a significant shift of care for patients at there local optical practice. Figures show that using our model, 93% of referrals are maintained in secondary care for non-surgical specialist work. This means only 7% of referrals are seen in the hospital setting, drastically reducing waiting times.

Our service delivery model focuses on optometrist partnership in delivering a:

  • Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS).
  • Pre cataract assessments, ensuring that those patients not eligible or simply do not want surgery are not referred to hospitals.
  • Post-operative cataract assessments. 97% of patients following cataract surgery are maintained within the community, with the support of our community optometrists and ophthalmologists.
  • IOP referral refinement.
  • Childrens pathways.

Community Eyecare ensures we are commissioned and therefore work with commissioners to delivery services. As a result we are delivery far more surgical services in most areas we work.

Our bespoke state of the art cataract and surgical centres are a beacon of envy, delivering cataracts, YAG laser and wAMD services across the UK, providing truly end to end care for every eye condition whilst supporting the NHS.

Our experts are at hand to guide you through the process of accreditation to help deliver any of the schemes and refer directly to Community Eyecare for cataracts and other ophthalmic conditions using our Referral Management and Booking Centre

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