Community Eyecare

A major goal of CHEC is to ensure engage and support your local optometrists to deliver appropriate and improve the high standards of eye care to the local population. We nurture the great skills optometrists have to provide safe and effective eye care for minor eye conditions, reducing the wait to see an ophthalmologist at the hospital.

Our Shared Care Co-Working Optometrists have the benefit of being just a call away from a consultant eye surgeon should they need urgent advise.

Minor Eye Conditions

The MECS schemes are designed to provide assessment and treatment for people with recent eye symptoms not needing to see a doctor.

IOP monitoring/refinement

Shared care pathways for IOP referral refinement may decrease referrals to hospitals.

Pre cataract assessments

Having your optometrist ‘filtering’ referrals helps to ensure patients referred for surgery want and need surgery.

Post cataract assessments

The majority of cataract operations are uncomplicated and seeing your referring optometrist after 3 weeks following surgery, is not only safe and convenient, but also allows a ‘one-stop’ glasses prescription if needed.