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Glaucoma & IOP Refinement

The vast majority of patients referred for glaucoma or as a glaucoma suspect are referred by the local optometrist on routine sight testing. Most patients referred will have 1 or more of the hall marks of glaucoma, either:

  • Raised eye pressure (IOP)
  • Defect of the visual field
  • Optic nerve changes
  • Or a combination of all 3

Anyone alone does not constitute a diagnosis of glaucoma, and most cases referred are pre-cautionary. The glaucoma/IOP refinement undertaken by optometrists are designed to retest the parameters that are abnormal over a few weeks to ascertain if the ‘outside of normal’ readings are truly abnormal before initiating a referral to hospital services.

If repeat results are normal, then you maybe discharged back for routine review every year or every 2 years.

How do I make an appointment?

This depends on which area you live in. Not all areas in the UK have a Glaucoma/IOP referral refinement scheme. Contact our patient enquiries team on 0330 100 4730 or email [email protected]

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