Community Eyecare

Pre-cat aims to ensure a high conversion rate for those who are referred and that patients have made a fully informed decision to have surgery before being referred.

Pre-Referral Cataract Assessment

The goal of Pre-Referral Cataract Assessment is to ensure you are only offered cataract surgery if you understand what cataract surgery involves and also that you actually need cataract surgery. The need is based around symptoms but also guidelines set out by the commissioners and the government through evidence base.

After Surgery Assessment or Post Cataract Assessment

Most cataract operations are routine without complications. It is likely that your local eye care provider will send you back to the optician for review some 4-6 weeks after cataract surgery. The optician will assess your eyes and on rare occasions may refer you back to the hospital, but more often than not they will give you the all clear and provide you with glasses if appropriate.

How do I make an appointment?

This depends on which area you live in. Not all areas in the UK have a Glaucoma/IOP referral refinement scheme. If you would like more information contact [email protected]