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Ophthalmology Treatments

As a leading provider in delivering community eyecare, with over 150,000 consultations per year our large team of clinical and non-clinical staff are available to walk you through the journey.

General Ophthalmology

We are experts in the management of non-surgical eye conditions, whether you have symptoms or abnormalities on a routine review.


Cataracts are common, visually disabling conditions, treated by a day-case surgical procedure which is often painless and straightforward.


A minor eye condition service, generally delivered by a community optometrist, will provide services for patients seen at the right time, the right place by the right person.

Minor Ops

Various small operations on the eyelid.

YAG Laser & Posterior Capsular Opacity

This outpatient procedure is a simple minimally invasive procedure designed to treat an ‘after cataract’.

Wet Macular Degeneration

wAMD treatments are available by CHEC in some areas of the country using specialised medicines.

Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension (OHT)

Glaucoma or OHT are commonly incidental findings. Whilst they are different, they are often managed in a similar way.

Making a Referral

CHEC work with your GPs and Optometrists to provide a Shared Care Model with our partners. We believe in independent choice for patients and therefore conform to referral pathways set out by your GPs and Optometrists, after all they know you and your needs better than anyone.

As a first port of call, always visit your optometrist for a general eye test, who will be able to diagnose most eye conditions and set you on your way to the right treatment. Most patients are looking for local treatments, with short waiting times. Your GP or Optometrist with have some information on the best place for you.

Making a Referral