Community Eyecare

Minor Eye Conditions Scheme (MECS)

Information for Patients and Optometrists:

A minor eye condition service, generally delivered by a community optometrist, will provide services for patients seen at the right time, right place by the right person. Management is usually maintained within the primary care setting for as many patients as is safely possible, avoiding unnecessary referrals to hospitals.

Not all conditions can be seen and managed by an optometrist, and as the title implies, this is for minor eye conditions. Although not exhaustive, below is a list of potential conditions that may be treatable.

  • Sudden or recent onset of blurred vision but always consider if a sight test would be more appropriate.
  • Ocular pain or discomfort.
  • A systematic disease affecting the eye.
  • Differential diagnosis of the red-eye.
  • Foreign body and emergency contact lens removal (not by the fitting practitioner).
  • Dry eye/painful eye.
  • Epiphora (watery eye).
  • Trichiasis (in-growing eyelashes).
  • Differential diagnosis of lumps and bumps in the vicinity of the eye.
  • Recent onset of Diplopia.
  • Flashes/floaters.
  • Retinal lesions.
  • Service user reported field defects.

How do I make an appointment?

This depends on which area you live in. Not all areas in the UK have a Minor Eye Conditions Scheme (MECS). If you click on the links below, you will find how the schemes work in your area and which Opticians are taking part. If in any doubt call your Optician and ask if they are part of the scheme. It is not recommended that you attend your Opticians in person without an appointment.

General MECS Information

Click below for a leaflet summarising the MECS service for patients