Community Eyecare

Our Vision & Values


Our Vision and Values, known as “The CHEC Way”, represent who we are and what we stand for. These values guide our behaviours and influence the way we work, interact and serve our commissioners and patients to ensure that our entire team can always operate with the utmost care, respect and integrity when delivering our services.

Our Values are driven by the following core components:

  1. Excellence
    • high performance teams, dedicated and passionate about delivering high quality care.
  2. Innovation
    • Relentless in looking for innovative ways to do things.
  3. Integrity
    • Our reputation is more important than short term rewards- We will always conduct ourselves with the highest standards of integrity.
  4. Agility
    • Understand, adapt and respond to changes in the healthcare landscape to continuously deliver high quality services.

Our Values:

  1. Caring- Making life better
    • Providing high-quality care for patients. Treating the patient as we would like our own relatives to be treated
  2. Passionate – A willingness to give our best
    • Sharing our strengths, being willing to provide our time, knowledge and skills.
  3. Togetherness– Celebrating what brings us together every day
    • Recognising diversities and individualities- treating each other with respect and dignity, as one inclusive, united team.
  4. Listening – Being the best we can be
    • Listening clearly to patients and staff. Showing compassion and empathy- but also taking ownership and responsibility.
  5. Focus – Always striving for a better tomorrow
    • Being accountable, believing in ourselves, and having resilience to meet daily challenges