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Posterior Capsular Opacification

Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO) is a common complication after cataract surgery. PCO occurs as cells remaining after cataract surgery grow over the back of the bag that houses the new artificial lens. It’s essentially the healing process of the eye building up scar tissue. The effects of PCO are very similar to symptoms of cataract with blurred/cloudy vision or glare. Patients often state their vision is ‘milky’.


Treating PCO is common and straightforward and happens in the outpatient department using a state of the art class 4 laser. The procedure takes about 1 minute, is pain free and minimally invasive. Its not like having your cataract operation but more like an outpatient examination.

This is a one-off laser treatment and allows your vision to return to normal within a day or so.

Patient treatment timeline

DAYS Optometrist Community Eyecare
DAY 1 Referral following assessment
DAY 3 Community Eyecare Referral management
DAY 13 Booked appointment ‘one stop shop’
DAY 17 Optometrist review for refraction Spectacle prescription as required

Making a referral

Posterior Capsular Opacity Information leaflet