Community Eyecare

Urgent Eye Problems


Eye emergencies are for eye conditions for patients suffering severe pain, sudden sight loss or eye injuries.

A&E Hospital attendance 2007-8 for eye emergencies
0 %
Eye problems presenting to Eye Casualty
0 %
Urgent Eye Problems as a percentage of all emergency appoints

Most hospitals have access to urgent eye centres to deal with urgent eye problems. Some operate during normal working hours, others are 24-hour services. You should contact your local hospital who will inform you of the local service provider.

These services are generally not used for ‘walk-in’ patients or as second opinions.

Double vision Information Leaflet

Flashes and Floaters Information Leaflet

Sudden loss of vision Information Leaflet

Posterior Vitreous Detachment Information Leaflet

Find your local Eye Emergency Centre

08000 151 321 - Head Office

0330 100 4730 - Patient Administration Line

0344 264 4162 - Clinical Helpline

01772 795620 - Secure Fax / Safe Haven

[email protected] - Appointments & Information

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