Community Eyecare

Making life better.

CARING – for the health of the people in our local communities, treating the patient as we would want our dearest relative. Caring for our patients/families, colleagues, and communities.

A willingness to give our best.

PASSIONATE – about what we do, providing high, quality and safe care for our patients and families. Sharing our strengths, recognising team engagement, and being willing with our time, knowledge and skills.

Celebrating what brings us together every day.
TOGETHERNESS – recognising the diversity, individuality of our patients, treating patients and ourselves with respect and dignity. One inclusive team, all different, united behind a shared vision of an inclusive culture, and delivering ‘strong-patient centred services.
Being the best, we can be.

LISTENING – to our patients and team members, showing compassion, empathy, honesty, and integrity. Taking ownership, responsibility and committing to the promises we make to patients and each other.

Always striving for a better tomorrow.
FOCUS – on what we do, how we do it and what makes a difference to us all. Being accountable, believing in ourselves, and having resilience to meet daily challenges, improve now and in the future.

08000 151 321 - Head Office

0330 100 4730 - Patient Administration Line

0330 100 4753 - Clinical Helpline

01772 795620 - Secure Fax / Safe Haven - Appointments & Information

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